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You can use our approximate currency calculator to buy Frisium with Bosnia and Herzegovina currency - Convertible Mark.

BRAND Frisium (Clobazam) 10mg - 60 tabs BAM 198.17
BRAND Frisium (Clobazam) 10mg - 90 tabs BAM 264.67
BRAND Frisium (Clobazam) 10mg - 120 tabs BAM 304.57
Frisium (Clobazam) - 5 mg - 60 tabs BAM 158.27
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Note: Your account will be debited in USD when you order Frisium with Convertible Mark according to your bank's actual exchange rates.

We ship to all cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina including:

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  • Bijeljina
  • Prijedor
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  • Travnik
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  • Cazin
  • Velika Kladusa
  • Visoko
  • Gorazde
  • Konjic
  • Gracanica
  • Gradacac
  • Bosanska Krupa
  • Mrkonjic Grad
  • Foca
  • Zavidovici
  • Zivinice
  • Sanski Most
  • Bosanska Gradiska
  • Bileca
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  • Livno
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  • Prozor
  • Novi Travnik
  • Ljubuski
  • Bosanska Dubica
  • Derventa
  • Jajce
  • Todorovo
  • Siroki Brijeg
  • Bosanski Brod
  • Bosanski Novi
  • Sokolac
  • Mionica
  • Zepce
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  • Potoci
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  • Milici
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